Yearling Sale Entries

Yearling Sale at Caymanas Park - Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ordered by Lot No - Click on the lot no. to display pedigree information.


Lot# Col/Sex Sire Dam Foaldate Consignor
1 b.c. Miracle Man Rebridled Secret May 1 DaCosta Farms Ltd. WITHDRAWN
2 b.c. Dayton Flyer Legal Lady May 18 Spring Park Stud Farm
3 b.f. Storm Craft Sunshine Ofmylife Feb. 28 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
4 b.f. Emperor Hall Marque Treasure Feb.27 Andrew A, McDonald
5 b.f. Storm Craft Passion March 29 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
6 b.f. Forest Danger Wap March 24 Everglades Farms Ltd.
7 b.c. Liquidity Wild Tradition May 19 Arscott Farms
8 b.c. Adore The Gold Reigning Heroine Feb. 12 HAM Stables Ltd.
9 b.c. Taqarub Perfect Lady March 16 New Blue Limited, Agent
10 b.f. Adore The Gold Charity Dance March 11 HAM Stables Ltd.
11 gr.f. Rising Moon Little Miss Amanda Feb. 2 New Blue Limited
12 b.f. Blue Pepsi Lodge Tooting Feb. 6 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
13 ch.f. Traditional Caridad May 2 Joseph Duany
14 ch.c. Traditional Absolute Justice May 17 Brothers 2 Brothers Syndicate
15 ch.c Performing Magic Little Thunder April 1 Everglades Farms Ltd.
16 ch.f. Strikewhileitshot Lady Madras Jan. 20 New Blue Limited
17 ch.c. Performing Magic Femme Doree April 1 Everglades Farms Ltd.
18 ch.f. Strikewhileitshot Did We Win Jan. 25 New Blue Limited
19 b.f. Twilight Time Hishi Blossom May 7 HAM Stables Ltd.
20 b.c. War Marshall Little Wasp April 17 Y. S. (1955) Ltd., Agent
21 b.c. Western Classic Littlerichgirl April 23 Mark & Susan Wates
22 ch.f. Nuclear Wayne Ray of Hope March 22 Dr. Francis Barnett & Edison Chai
23 b.c. Bridled Quest Brenda’s Song April 7 Success Farms
24 rn.c. War Marshall Peace Offering April 1 Orange Valley Estates, Agent
25 gr.f. Western Classic Verity Feb. 5 Caymanas Estates Ltd.
26 b.f. Forest Danger Rhosa Klebb March 27 Everglades Farms Ltd.
27 b.f. Blue Pepsi Lodge Fight for Pleasure April 29 HAM Stables Ltd.
28 b.c. Adore The Gold De Barrel Come May 7 Argyll Farms Limited
29 b.c. Blue Pepsi Lodge Sweet Time May 25 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
30 b.c. Strikewhileitshot Tee Gee Vee Feb. 28 New Blue Limited
31 ch.f. Strikewhileitshot Voodoo Chant Feb. 1 New Blue Limited
32 gr/rn.f. Fearless Vision Diamondntheruff March 3 Arscott Farms
33 gr.f. Dayton Flyer Latin Princess May 20 Spring Park Stud Farm
34 ch.f. War Marshall Right Marker May 6 Gloria Williams
35 b.f. Storm Craft Zun Zun April 12 HAM Stables Ltd.
36 ch.f. Taqarub Silky Satin April 19 Fredrick Leigjhton
37 b.f. Emperor Hall Dalla Fifty March 25 Ballydoyle
38 ch.c. Legal Process Lady Jameela May 1 New Blue Limited
39 b.c. Storm Craft That Girl April 16 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
40 b.c. Forest Danger Bella Feb. 5 Everglades Farms Ltd.
41 b.f. Dayton Flyer Lurwish Feb. 8 Spring Park Stud Farm
42 ch.c. Adore the Gold She’s Smokin May 4 HAM Stables Ltd.
43 ch.c. Blue Pepsi Lodge Cauchee Jan. 27 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
44 b.f. Taqarub Soul Of The Heart March 20 New Blue Limited
45 ch.f. Performing Magic Regency Feb. 11 Everglades Farms Ltd.
46 b.c. Adore The Gold Found in the Mist Jan. 20 HAM Stables Ltd.
47 b.f. Adore The Gold Sayamanda April 9 HAM Stables Ltd.
48 b.c. Nuclear Wayne Girl in Gold May 14 Fairway Farms
49 ch.c. Dayton Flyer Miss Birdie Feb. 18 Spring Park Stud Farm
50 b.c. Market Rally Code Star Jan. 1 HAM Stables Ltd.
51 gr.f. He’stherealthing Luscious March 10 Jeffrey Mordecai
52 ch.f. Stikewhileitshot Victreebel April 2 New Blue Limited, Agent
53 ch.f. Nasheet Last Kiss March 20 New Blue Limited
54 b.f. Storm Craft Reel Nice Lady May 21 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
55 ch.f. Blue Pepsi Lodge Beware Baby May 6 HAM Stables Ltd.
56 ch.c. Adore the Gold All In May 2 Paradise Farm
57 b.f. Nasheet Souffler May 19 DaCosta Farms Ltd.
58 b.f. Blue Pepsi Lodge Take Five March 2 Edgar A. Miller
59 b.f. Forest Danger Wheels of Law Feb. 3 Everglades Farms Ltd.
60 gr.c Tradiional Knightley May 11 HAM Stables Ltd.
61 b.c. Bridled Quest Welldefined April 29 John Morris
62 ch.c. Western Classic Gaza Sheree Allan Flowers
63 rn.f. Storm Craft Khadiliah April 6 Y. S. (1955) Ltd
64 b.f. Western Classic Lemonade May 26 Rohan Harrison
65 b.c. Storm Craft Jah Karma March 20 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
66 b.f. Porto Santo Your No Daisy Feb. 2 Y. S. (1955) Ltd
67 ch.c. Nasheet Bright Chapel May 1 DaCosta Farms Ltd.
68 b.c. Traditional Sea Traveller April 19 Houston Stables
69 b.c. Performing Magic Starship Elaine March 28 Everglades Farms Ltd.
70 b.f. Legal Process Lady Bakul Feb. 8 New Blue Limited
71 ch.f Liquidity Lisa Vibes April 26 Y. S. (1955) Ltd., Agent
72 ch.f Blue Pepsi Lodge Regina Royale Feb. 21 Argyll Farms Limited
73 b.c. Region of Merit Toronto Star May 29 Orange Valley Estates, Agent
74 b.c. Bridled Quest Kathythetraina Feb. 26 Success Farms
75 ch.c. Traditional Penyatta Feb. 14 Houston Stables
76 ch.f. Strikewhileitshot Fiord May 2 New Blue Limited
77 b.f. Rising Moon Miss Nickels Jan. 22 New Blue Limited
78 b.f. Traditional Run Charlotte Run May 12 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
79 ch.c. Western Classic Bride to Be Feb. 23 Mark & Susan Wates
80 b.c. Adore The Gold One Big Giggle Feb. 2 HAM Stables Ltd.
81 ch.c. Porto Santo I’m Magic March 18 David S. Willers
82 ch.f. Emperor Hall Noassemblyrequired March 19 Ballydoyle
83 b.f. Freedom from Jante Abelia April 1 Spring Park Stud Farm
84 ch.f. Traditional Annabelles Missile April 29 HAM Stables Ltd.
85 b.c. Image Maker Tejano Symphony April 30 Argyll Farms Limited
86 ch.f. Blue Pepsi Logde No Coincidence Feb. 19 Faye E. Lee
87 rn.f. Rising Moon Proud Again May 2 New Blue Limited
88 b.c. Storm Craft Shakira Shakira April 20 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
89 b.f. Image Maker Select Princess Marh 17 Argyll Farms Limited
90 ch.c. Traditional Angela’s Favorite March 19 HAM Stables Ltd.
91 b.f. Storm Craft Lovethewayyoumove April 3 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
92 ch.c. War Marshall Excellence April 11 New Blue Ltd, Agent
93 b.f. Srikewhileitshot Lady Rakwaalay Mach 10 New Blue Limited
94 dk.b.c. Storm Craft Danzig La Rae Jan. 23 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
95 b.c. Restless Mon Fast Break April 1 Donovan Plummer
96 ? Dayton Flyer Monster Queen Spring Park Stud Farm
97 b.f. Forest Danger Milestone April 22 Everglades Farms Ltd.
98 b.c. Strikewhileitshot Reef Maker March 7 Gloria Williams
99 dk.b.f. Rizzi Lee Lady Manila Feb. 25 Donovan Plummer
100 ch.c. Forest Danger Sea Treaty March 2 Everglades Farms Ltd.
101 ch.f. Taqarub Our Miss Ruth May 13 Vincent Atkinson
102 b.f. Taqarub She’s Outrageous April 30 S. & S. Camp
103 ch.c. Rising Moon Royal Sea April 25 New Blue Limited
104 b.c. Western Classic She’s a Gem Allan Flowers
105 rn.f. Miracle Man The White Witch April 1 Bertland Bates
106 b.c. Forest Danger Hurricane Michelle Feb. 24 Everglades Farms Ltd.
107 b.c. Storm Craft Senorita Sinki April 18 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
108 b.f. Storm Craft My Girl Jan. 13 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
109 b.c. Adore The Gold Adina Feb. 14 Stafford Subratie
110 Storm Craft She Sell Off April 27 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
111 ch.c. Traditional Lil’ Country Girl April 13 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
112 b.f. Storm Craft Royal Empress April 27 Royhan Levy
113 b.f. Strikewhileitshot Seven Four Seven March 15 New Blue Limited
114 b.f. Forest Danger May Flower March 4 Everglades Farms Ltd.
115 b.f. Storm Craft The Vibes Lady March 20 New Blue Ltd., Agent
116 b.f. Rising Moon Exchange Only Feb. 1 New Blue Limited, Agent
117 b.f. Nuclear Wayne Dr. Stephanie April 19 Harry Parsard
118 b.c. Liquidity Heart Throb Feb. 18 Elizabeth DaCosta & Carlton Watson
119 ch.f. Traditional Bunns of Steel April 11 Harold S. Tucker
120 b.f. Adore The Gold Miss Chestnut Jan. 21 HAM Stables Ltd.
121 ch.c. Performing Magic Morghyn April 5 Everglades Farms Ltd.
122 b.c. Dayton Flyer Spy Girl April 17 Spring Park Stud Farm
123 b.f. He’stherealthing She’s So Shy March 18 Patrick Ellis
124 b.f. Traditional First Choice April 17 Royhan Levy
125 ch.c. Blue Pepsi Lodge Runin on Empty Feb. 27 David S. Willers
126 b.c. Taqarub Luvvy Duvvy May 7 New Blue Limited, Agent
127 dk.b.c. Storm Craft Dancing Mia Feb. 19 Lakeland Farms Ltd.
128 ch.c. Deputy Glitters Runaway Silver April 24 Fairway Farms
129 ch.f. Traditional It Must be Fates Jan. 1 HAM Stables Ltd.
130 b.f. Liquidity Lady T Feb. 24 Joseph & Shirley McKesey
131 dk.c. Adore The Gold City Train Jan. 1 Harry Parsard
132 b.c. Distorted Stone Harbour Slew May 1 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
133 b.c. Adore The Gold Rum Ridge April 19 HAM Stables Ltd.
134 rn.f. Western Classic Samaraontheloose Allan Flowers
135 b.c. Traditional Forced on Me April 5 HAM Stables Ltd.
136 b.f. Storm Craft Seguro Oro April 4 Derrick Brandt
137 ch.c. Nuclear Wayne Butcher Gal March 26 Jelf Gray
138 ch.f. Western Classic Trail Rider March 26 Mark & Susan Wates
139 b.c. Taqaqub Lady Jagrati May 29 New Blue Limited
140 ch.f. Adore The Gold My Legacy May 16 Joseph Duany
141 ch.f. Western Classic Velocity March 12 Caymanas Estates Ltd.
142 b/gr.f. Rising Moon Sexy Jan. 10 Dr. Aston Marsh
143 b.c. Forest Danger Circle The Heart March 10 Everglades Farms Ltd.
144 b.f. Adore The Gold Lady in Gold Feb. 11 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
145 ch.f. Blue Pepsi Lodge She’s Spectacular April 24 HAM Stables Ltd.
146 ch.c. Bridled Quest Rose Royce May 16 Success Farms
147 b.f. Blue Pepsi Lodge What a Honey May 23 Royhan Levy
148 b.c. Storm Craft Ecstatic Feb. 18 HAM Stables Ltd., Agent
149 dk.b.c. Blue Pepsi Lodge Below the Waist June 6 Paradise Farm
150 gr.f. Rising Moon Lear Jet Set April 29 New Blue Limited
151 b.f. Performing Magic C C Colquhoun April 3 Everglades Farms Ltd.
152 ch.f. Adore The Gold Soca Dancer March 29 HAM Stables Ltd.
153 b.c. Adore The Gold Mayken Joy May 12 Y. S. (1955) Ltd.
154 b.c. Silent Valor Gem Lea May 4 HAM Stables Ltd.
155 b.c. Fearless Vision Brewedtoperfection March 13 Ballydoyle
156 ch.f. Traditional Metzuda May 21 Harold S. Tucker
157 b.f. Natural Selection Black Magic April 1 Y. S. (1955) Ltd.
158 b.c. Deputy Glitters Anna Feb. 28 Stafford Subratie


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